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The Girl In Red

John Nicholl - The Girl In Red


Kathy thought she’d met her soulmate. But Police Inspector Michael Conner’s behaviour changes on the day of their wedding.

Showing his true colours for the first time, Conner becomes increasingly manipulative, controlling and cruel as the months’ pass.

When Kathy tries to escape, Conner does his best to convince everyone that she is mentally ill. But Anna, Kathy’s identical twin sister, doesn’t believe it.

After a tragic event, Kathy decides enough is enough and elicits Anna’s help to rid herself of Conner for good.

But will Conner simply let Kathy walk away or have the sisters bitten off more than they can chew?

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‘Authentic, gritty and haunting, this is a book I will be recommending to everyone.’ Renita D’Silva –  Bestselling author

‘Adult fiction at its best, no holds barred, no sugar-coating, well-written and very unsettling, THE GIRL IN RED is magnetic in its presentation and chilling in its conclusion!’ Tome Tender Book Blog

‘A fantastic read!’ Cheekypee Reads and Reviews

‘Kudos, Mr. Nicholl for such a wonderful piece of work.’ Book Reviews To Ponder

‘I devoured this book in 1day! I couldn’t put it down!’ Dash Fan

‘His portrayal of a woman worn down by coercive control and escalating sadism is chillingly accurate.’ Lesley Hayes – psychotherapist and bestselling author

‘Congratulations to the author for weaving such an emotive and thought provoking tale.’ Patricia Dixon – Bestselling Author

‘If you enjoy psychological thrillers, or are a fan of superbly written whodunits, don’t hesitate to buy a copy.’ Sarah Stuart – Award winning Author

‘Oh my goodness, I lost count at how many times I held my breath.’ Goodreads

‘Suspenseful and realistic! Having worked with domestic abuse victims and perpetrators for twenty years, I can tell you that the author gives a very realistic portrayal.’ Amazon.com


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